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Where is Your Mom Confidence?

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As many of you know, I love social media. I love sharing our adventures and trials with all our friends and family. But one thing I don’t like about social media is how easy it is for us to compare ourselves to others. I get it, I do it too. Comparison isn’t necessarily horrible, but what it leads to is. Self-doubt.

Every mother I have ever known, myself included, has had more than their share of self-doubt about their mom-abilities. Moms everywhere are seeing posts and thinking. I could never be like that. I could never be as organized, smart, clean, clever, funny, you name it someone has probably felt it. And it is this doubt that is killing our confidence. In fact, a study published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology explains that “Self-esteem decreased during pregnancy, increased [after birth] until the child was six months old and then gradually decreased over following years.”

As moms, we have a serious self-esteem and confidence problem. And I think it is time to change all that! So, I took some time, discovered what was holding me back from being my most confident self, and put together an easy plan to get us all back on track. And now I want to share it with you!

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1-Week Confidence Kick-Start

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 Why did I create this course?

#MomLifeIsHard. Whether you are a brand new parent or an experienced veteran, sometimes you just lose confidence in your ability. Our society makes moms feel like they are constantly doing something wrong. Working parents don’t give their kids enough attention, stay at home parents aren’t setting good role models. Your house is never clean enough, and if it somehow is it must be because you are ignoring your kids. You shouldn’t co-sleep, but you should always co-sleep. You shouldn’t be a helicopter parent, but you need to keep a constant eye on them. With all these mixed messages it is no wonder why moms are constantly feeling like they are failing. But we really shouldn’t. Moms that I know are awesome and I want every mom to feel as awesome as everyone else knows they are.

About this Course

Because I saw so many moms struggling with their confidence, I decided that it was time for a quick kick-start for moms. Think about this course is the kick in the butt that you need to become confident in your mom ability.

What will we do?

Throughout seven days we will be working on issues that are blocking your confidence. Each day, there will be a theme we are talking about. I will give you some background information, a quick lesson in how to do the homework and an activity or assignment to do.

That sounds like a lot of work

Don’t worry, I’m a mom too and I understand how little time we have as a mom. Our assignments are designed to make life easier. Most can take as little or as much time as you need. But if you are still pressed for time just remember this course is entirely self-paced. And you get lifetime access! That means you can take 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months, or however long you want. You can also come back and repeat the course any time you feel like you need a confidence boost.

Why Confidence is So Important

You might be thinking, “Yeah, confidence sounds nice, but it doesn’t change anything.” I’m here to tell you this simply isn’t true. As moms, much of our energy is used with the mental load of our tasks. Every time you question yourself, every time you worry that you are doing the wrong thing, you are using precious and valuable energy. Overhauling your confidence will give you more energy, more focus, and more time for the important things in your life. This course is about confidence, but what it really is about is helping you create the life that you want to be living.

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1-Week Confidence Kick-Start

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Lucky Number Seven

7 years ago, I married my best friend. This wasn’t a whirlwind romance, it was a slow growth.

Our love started when we first met in middle school in 1996 (that’s right 22 years ago). I didn’t know him except that his friends were my friends. And that I when I first saw him I had an instant schoolgirl crush. A crush that soon would be forgotten as life and school went on. We didn’t see each other much for the next few years. Occasionally would say hi in the hallway as we hurried on the way to classes. Being in different grades, middle school meant that we didn’t have lunch or classes together. And I spent much of my middle school years at my dad’s in my free time.

This would change in high school. By the time both of us were in high school, our lives were much more involved in having a social life and friends. And I found him and me together much more. He and I had our “Study Resource Time” (kind of like homeroom or study hall) together and being the only two in our friend group in the class, we bonded fast. We shared a locker and he quickly became my person. I didn’t sleep well in high school but lying next to him I spent many of our hour and a half long classes napping on his lap. I would tell him all about what was happening with me and pick on him for not telling me what was going on with him.

After I graduated high school we went our separate ways and both had bad relationships that I like to think of as our growing experiences, our own personal seven-year itch. It wouldn’t be too long before I happened to be on an old AOL messenger account and so was he (yes, we are that old). I messaged him, we chatted all night and agreed to meet for coffee.


And that was it. Everything clicked. It was like we never lost connection. We were meant to be.

Since then we’ve dealt with our share of ups and downs. We’ve bought two houses together. Got in countless fights about the little stuff. Had our share of losses. And have brought three wonderful little girls into this world.

I still remember us as those awkward, shy middle schoolers, but I am so much more happy with the people we have grown into and the chance for us to do it together.

Happy 7th wedding anniversary, Tim. Here is to many more

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The one thing you need in your bag for Summer

It is finally getting warmer. Yesterday was 83 degrees at our house! After a long and very cold winter, we are excited to get outside and run. But warm weather means one thing that outdoor-loving families like ours absolutely dread: Ticks. I hate ticks. I hate the thought of ticks. Last year we only had to pull one out of Alice’s belly button and now she is scared of the “bitey-bugs”.  You might think you have nothing to worry about because you aren’t hiking in the woods, but this tick was from our backyard, about 2 days after the grass was mowed. Ticks are a real threat to summertime fun. The CDC warns that Tick bites are on the rise, and along with it tickborne illnesses.


For this reason, I recommend everyone get a Tick Kit together right now. Yes, right this second. You probably have most of these things around your home, although you might want to purchase a few extras and throw them in your car, diaper bag, or purse (or all of the above). You could wait until you have a tick and then run around trying to find all this stuff, but believe me, when you see that little black spec attached to your kid’s body, you want it off, now!

So here is what you will need


The first thing you will want to do is get that tick out. For this, you will need tweezers of some sort. When removing a tick, get a firm but gentle grasp on the whole body and slowly pull straight out.

You know you have tweezers around your house, probably like 10 of them (maybe this is just my house)

You could also get one of the many types of specialty designed tick removers.

I like this one and it includes a tick identification guide, which is super handy.

I like this one and it includes a tick identification guide, which is super handy.


Index cards or post-it notes, Tape, and a pen or marker

All these things are for one purpose, to tape the tick to the post-it or card and write when and where you pulled the tick from. This isn’t a necessity but it does make it easier if your child (or you or pet) starts having symptoms to identify the tick. Having the date will be an easier reminder of how many days it has been

I love these to keep cards together. You could even use two, one for cards, one to put tick taped cards into

Alcohol Wipes or Sanitizer

After the tick is removed, clean wound with alcohol.

Band-aids, stickers, or suckers

While it probably isn’t necessary to put a band-aid on the wound (it might be, but most of the time cleaning them will stop bleeding). If you have spent any time with little kids, you know band-aids are for boo-boos and kids love them. My kids also feel better with stickers or suckers, so having these on hand will help make the whole tick-removal process a little less painful.

Tick cheat-sheet

This isn’t necessary, but If you are like me you will want to know what kind of tick you have and what kind of diseases it might carry. So having a tick identification chart isn’t a bad idea. Here is a page that has nice clear pictures
If you want to see a list of diseases carried by ticks check here for the CDC’s List

Hopefully, you never have to deal with ticks, but remember, while very gross, it usually isn’t too big of a deal. If you are in this situation, keep calm and remember to monitor the spot for a few weeks and go to the doctor if anything looks off.


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Why aren’t you using Amazon Smile?


It is no secret that I have a love affair with Amazon. I think that as a busy mom everyone needs a healthy Amazon wishlist and an active Amazon Prime account. I can’t plan a trip to the store before Amazon orders will arrive at my doorstep. And there is no crying about who gets to come or little girls throwing extra stuff in the cart. There is no sticker shock at the cash register and I can take as much time as I need to go back and forth on products and decisions.

And Another reason to love Amazon is AmazonSmile

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s essentially a way to shop Amazon and give back to charity at the same time. Instead of going to you enter into Amazon at, then you continue to shop like normal. There is no difference in your orders, but the charity you select will get a percentage of the sales.

According to Amazon, they have given $80,134,317.33 away to charities as of February 2018. Now that is truly amazing. 

If you want to find out more about AmazonSmile click here

I have to admit I knew about AmazonSmile long before I remembered to use it on all my Amazon purchases. But now, I remember every time and it isn’t because I suddenly have a steel-trap mind. Nope, it is because I found an extension for my browsers. Charity Kite offers a Google Chrome extension that redirects you from Amazon to AmazonSmile. So every time I type in Amazon, I get rerouted to AmazonSmile and my charity doesn’t miss out.
Get your Chrome Extension

Now, here is the biggest question: Who are you going to support?

This is a hard one for me to pick one charity. There are so many worthy causes out there, but you can only choose one. Currently, I am supporting Crisis Text Line. I fell in-love with Crisis Text Line from a facebook post that explained that if you are in a crisis you can type 741741 and a trained counselor would talk you down to a cool calm. I didn’t need the service then, but when I was younger I really could have used it. There were plenty of times as a pre-teen and teen that I could have used a stranger to talk to, but I wasn’t about to call a helpline. Texting is easier to reach out for help for many. After admiring what a fantastic service this was, I looked into volunteering. After a very rigorous training course, I began answering these texts and fell in love all over again. I am proud to support them in any way possible and that includes through my Amazon buying obsession.

Are you using AmazonSmile? Who are you supporting?

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Blow your Stress Away


We opened our first full course “Blow Your Stress Away”

This course is geared for parents who feel stressed out, or just are overwhelmed with their lives. If you are feeling like your life is spinning out of control, or you just aren’t being the Parent you want to be, this course is for you!

I’m offering limited Beta Testing spots for $10 and a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. All beta testers that complete the course and feedback will be entered to win.

We are offering this because we want you to be a part of our community right from the start. We want to hear your opinions and grow this course with what you need. As a Beta Tester, you will have full access to our entire course for life! This includes any and all updates, additional resources or bonuses we may add in the future.

Help us create a course that addresses your needs!

If you are ready to find the humor in everyday parenting catastrophes, this is the course for you. In this 3-part course, I will guide you through gathering your thoughts about your stress, identifying what is making you the most stressed (you might be surprised at what you find), and activating new habits to reduce your daily stress levels.

Blow your Stress Away.png

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Why you are too hard on yourself

Copy of Pinterest templates (5).jpg

Stay-at-home-moms are way to hard on ourselves to be “productive”

If you were paying for someone to watch your children, you would not want them working on other businesses and jobs while doing so! If we hire a housekeeper to come in and scrub our bathroom, we do not expect them to wipe our kid’s butt while doing so. But we do expect that of ourselves. We expect that we can play the roles of a daycare provider, housekeeper, chef,  and chauffeur. Many of us have additional roles that we are playing. Teacher, business owner, blogger, accountant.

Whatever your roles are I encourage you to list them out! Check out our checklist below for a huge number of roles that you might be carrying that you might not even know you are doing

Get your Checklist of Roles Here

We do all of these roles, most of the time at the sacrifice of ourselves. But we still think that we aren’t doing enough. We still feel like we need to be doing more in the day.

I’m here to tell you, you are awesome! You are doing a lot! And you should feel good about that!

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Community Spirit

Motherhood is wonderful. I love spending time with my kids and watching them grow up. But it is also lonely. Most days I only have the kids around me to talk to all day. And 5-year-olds are only so good at holding conversations. But even more than that we are really busy. Between work, and kid activities, and trying to keep on top of the house, life gets caught up in just surviving. We don’t have the time needed to foster friendships, especially new friendships. Unless it involves the kids we probably aren’t seeing many adults. And for those of us with young children, there is even less of an opportunity to get out and socialize.

Let’s face it, when we do end up going to a playdate or music class we spend most of the time following our kids around and answering their questions.  We think of these outings as a time to come together with other parents and socialize, but many turn out to be a “Parent your children alone, together” event. And on the off chance that your kids and their kids are all playing nicely together with no questions or traumas, then most of the time we are just overly tired and sit in silence (for a few seconds before my kid throws sand and I have to get up).

All of this can lead to a really lonely feeling. The old saying is that it takes a village to raise a child, but the truth is, we don’t have a village anymore. The support for parents is lacking wisdom that was once passed from one mother to the next is lost or mixed up with myths and inaccuracies. And the internet makes it next to impossible to tell the difference.

I’ve felt it, maybe you have too. This is why I wanted to start a community for mothers just like us. This group is for real-life mothers to get support, ask questions, and share our experience.

We are moms that are engaged, busy, and tired. Our life isn’t perfect. We aren’t magazine-beautiful parents. We wear sweatpants or leggings. We aren’t sure when the last time we brushed our hair was. We blew up at our kids who still do not have their shoes on. We tote kids from activity to activity. Some of us run businesses or work, some of us run after our kids all day, some of us do it all. Some of us are dealing with toddler tantrums, some are dealing with teenage attitude. Wherever you are. You will find your tribe here.

We are here to support each other and help create the best versions of ourselves. We don’t have it altogether, but we are trying. This group is for real-life mothers to get support, ask questions, and share our experience.

If this sounds like the place for you, join my community below.


This community is only open to the public for a limited time. All applicants will be accepted Jan 31st with our big welcome party, which will include giveaways and freebies