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Why you need a mastermind right now


If you have been involved in the business world, you may already be familiar with the idea of a mastermind. If you aren’t let me break it down for you. In its simplest terms, a mastermind is a group of people that are coming together to support, promote growth, and influence each other to achieve their dreams and goals.

While the term and idea initially come from the business world, it has many uses and different types of groups. A mastermind for parents can help support not only work and business goals, but also can help make you a better parent, give you a sounding board when you need advice, help you achieve your perfect routine, and hold you accountable for what you say you are working on. A mastermind group will become a close-knit circle of trusted friends that you can come to for advice and support.

Top 5 reasons I love masterminds

  1. Accountability
  2. Fresh perspectives
  3. A sounding board and feedback
  4. Wisdom and knowledge outside of your own
  5. Connection, community, and friendship

Parents have it rough. More than any other group, I think we take on so much. And too often we are doing it alone. We crave that community, but sometimes it is really hard to find those other individuals. If you are anything like me, you find that many people who aren’t parents don’t understand that there is so much connection between your parenting world, work world, business world, and whatever other worlds you are involved in. There isn’t a time where you are not a parent, and there isn’t a time that your other goals don’t have to align with your parenting goals. This is why I really enjoy masterminds that are made up of parents. Who else is going to understand if you tell them you had to change your goal around for the week because your kid pooped in a potty chair, or because there was a meltdown about cup colors? A good mastermind will be understanding, but will still push you to come up with a plan to get back on track.

Did you know that by February most people have given up on any resolutions they had made at new years? Is this you? If you are tired of waiting to achieve your dreams, but never following through, or if you feel like you want more from your life but don’t know how to do it, a mastermind is perfect for you. If you feel like your life is going pretty good and want to share and support others, a mastermind is for you.

So, Now I Need A Mastermind

We have limited space in our parents’ mastermind groups. We are getting ready to kick off a new group this Monday and would love for you to be a part of it. In our group, we will have weekly check-ins and planning sessions. We make sure that you have all the resources and information to help fulfill your potential.

Sign up now before spaces fill up and you have to wait longer to achieve your dreams

The Mastermind 2



We understand that not everyone can take the financial leap to participate in these groups. This is why we accept a limited number of free applications. If you would love to be a part of our community, but can’t fit an extra cost into your budget. Please apply for our free spots. We don’t believe money should hold you back from your dreams.

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Make a difference in someone’s life today



A few months ago I decided that I needed to set an example for my kids of the type of person I want them to be. I want them to be the type of person that helps human beings. I want them to be empathetic, compassionate, and kind. I want them to care about human life, even if they don’t know the person. I want to be that person too.

My first step was to register as a donor of Be The Match

Be The Match matches donors and patients with life-threatening blood cancers. Bone marrow of the donor can save that patient’s life.

So, I sent away for my kit (see picture above). The process is easy. Stab your cheek and stick on the car. Then send it back. That is it

This week I received my donor card in the mail. This means I am officially registered. When a patient needs marrow, they will be screened and matched.

For information on the donation process click here

I have no idea if I will ever be matched. But even if I am not, I want to show my children that I am willing to help those that I do not know. If you are able to do something for someone you should. I would hope for the kindness of strangers if I or one of my kids needed it. I don’t want to wait until we need something to get involved. I want to pay it forward. Compassion and understanding create a better community for our children to grow up in.

For more information or to register as a donor yourself head on over to https://bethematch.org

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Blow your Stress Away


We opened our first full course “Blow Your Stress Away”

This course is geared for parents who feel stressed out, or just are overwhelmed with their lives. If you are feeling like your life is spinning out of control, or you just aren’t being the Parent you want to be, this course is for you!


I’m offering limited Beta Testing spots for $10 and a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. All beta testers that complete the course and feedback will be entered to win.

We are offering this because we want you to be a part of our community right from the start. We want to hear your opinions and grow this course with what you need. As a Beta Tester, you will have full access to our entire course for life! This includes any and all updates, additional resources or bonuses we may add in the future.

Help us create a course that addresses your needs!

If you are ready to find the humor in everyday parenting catastrophes, this is the course for you. In this 3-part course, I will guide you through gathering your thoughts about your stress, identifying what is making you the most stressed (you might be surprised at what you find), and activating new habits to reduce your daily stress levels.

Blow your Stress Away.png

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March Holidays You Need To Be Celebrating

As we close out February, it is time for us to start planning our upcoming Month. And you know what that means in the Knott household; Planning Celebrations!

If you have been following along on our journey, you know that we plan a lot of our homeschooling activities around the weird and quirky holidays.

So, here is a peek into our upcoming celebrations. Hopefully, it will encourage you to find celebrations in your everyday life

March 2nd: National Doodle Day


March 2nd is National Doodle Day and you can bet my doodlebugs will be celebrating by drawing and doodling.  This one is pretty straightforward, get out your paper, pens, markers, and crayons and spend some time doodling.

If you want a place to start, I also have so coloring sheets where you finish a doodle. These are great to get the creativity started. I will be using them for sure.

Get your Doodles here for FREE

March 8th: Popcorn Lover’s Day


Much like National Popcorn Day (Jan 19th), we will be celebrating with popcorn themed meals. We went simple last time and bought popcorn chicken from KFC and then party popcorn. So, if you don’t have any time, don’t think you can’t celebrate. Grab your fast food, a bag of popcorn, and a movie.

Popcorn Lover’s Day we will be eating in. We will be celebrating with popcorn chicken, popcorn shrimp, popcorn encrusted mozzarella cheese sticks, and of course party popcorn (white chocolate covered popcorn with sprinkles).

Depending on if I have the girls all day or not we might even make popcorn bird feeders.

March 14th: Learn About Butterflies Day


Learn about butterflies day is a great chance to explore all things butterfly. We plan on coloring butterflies, making butterflies on clothespins, and I will probably make butterfly shaped food.

We also will be watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Life Cycle of a Butterfly.  

Your Calendar

No matter what the day, there is easy small activities and foods that you can add in to make it special. You could make any of these holidays big and over the top with decorations, events, and hoopla. Or you can just print off a few pages and call it good. Either way, your kids will love it.

If you want to see all the holidays for this month, check out below.

Get Your Free Calendar Access Here

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Why you are too hard on yourself

Copy of Pinterest templates (5).jpg

Stay-at-home-moms are way to hard on ourselves to be “productive”

If you were paying for someone to watch your children, you would not want them working on other businesses and jobs while doing so! If we hire a housekeeper to come in and scrub our bathroom, we do not expect them to wipe our kid’s butt while doing so. But we do expect that of ourselves. We expect that we can play the roles of a daycare provider, housekeeper, chef,  and chauffeur. Many of us have additional roles that we are playing. Teacher, business owner, blogger, accountant.

Whatever your roles are I encourage you to list them out! Check out our checklist below for a huge number of roles that you might be carrying that you might not even know you are doing

Get your Checklist of Roles Here

We do all of these roles, most of the time at the sacrifice of ourselves. But we still think that we aren’t doing enough. We still feel like we need to be doing more in the day.

I’m here to tell you, you are awesome! You are doing a lot! And you should feel good about that!

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Why we are so deeply shaken from school shootings


The news of these mass shootings, especially school shootings, make my heart heavy. I can tell by my friends’ social media posts that they feel the same way.  I cannot imagine the pain these families are going through. I cannot imagine the fear my fellow parents have when sending their children to school every day. I cannot just move on and forget. And maybe you cannot either.

It’s an all too familiar occurrence in our society and it weighs heavy on a lot of us.

“This time, the kids who survived the rampage on Wednesday were demanding to know why the adults who run the country had not done more to prevent it” says an article in the Washington Post

(Viebeck, E. 2018, February 15. A loud, new voice after the latest school shooting: Kids wanting to know why adults hadn’t done more. See Article Here)

I think it is time we all should demand more! I’m not talking specifically about gun control either. While I agree that this needs to be addressed. Gun manufacturers, that produce 3 times the amount of guns actually legally sold, know their guns are being distributed illegally and add to the problem. Guns that are automatic and clips and bump stocks that allow this type of rapid fire are unneeded, even in the case of self-defense, sport, or food. If you need a spray of 30 bullets, you are not well trained on a gun and should not be shooting one. Better education and training for guns is a must. And studies show that increased gun ownership actually increases gun violence, especially without the proper training.  There is much that is wrong with how we treat guns in our society, but it isn’t the only thing wrong.

Perhaps, even more important,

  • We need a better health care system. We need services and treatments for mental health that are not stigmatizing but are long-term and caring.
  • We need a better education system. One in which students can thrive and learn without isolation, feelings of failure, and immense amounts of pressure.
  • We need a place where children and young adults feel safe turning to if they have concerns. And we need people who can listen and know what the right course of actions are.
  • We need better support for parents who then, in turn, could spend more time with their children and possibly prevent some of the feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • We need to show the world that we are empathetic and nurturing, that we care about others as human beings and want everyone to survive.

Our reality did this, not one individual, not one mentally unstable person with a gun. Placing all the blame on the shooter is a cop-out and a way for us to avoid the real work that needs to be done in our country (a country that almost exclusively has these mass shootings in such a high proportion)

Us, all of us, are the cause of these mass shootings.

It is time we demand better for ourselves and our children.



Why You All Should Be Making Taco Soup


One of our go-to recipes in our house is Taco Soup.  I thought I would share our recipe.

  • 1 Can of Kidney Beans
  • 1 Can of Pinto beans
  • 1 Can of Black Beans (really any beans in any amount will do)
  • 1 lb of cooked ground beef
  • 1 can of corn (not drained)
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes (not drained)
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning (you can also add this to the meat if you want)
  • Liquid to make it soup. Either tomato juice, chicken stock, or do not drain the beans (probably about a cup, more if you like more liquid, less if you want it more like a dip or salad)

Brown the ground beef and drain. Then, combine all the ingredients in a big slow cooker. Let simmer for at least an hour on low. I suggest 4-8 hours, this isn’t necessary but if you let a soup meld for awhile it will taste better.

Serve with sprinkled on shredded cheese (we used a Mexican blend) and crushed tortilla chips. Add sour cream and/or avocado if you like it creamy.

This recipe is perfect for us because it really can be adapted any way you like. Sometimes instead of hamburger, we use chicken. I typically just grab whatever beans I have. You can add in peppers or salsa. You can add in more liquid or less. You can change the seasonings. You can even add rice.

Taco soup is sure to be a quick go-to recipe in your family. I know it is in mine.

What is your easy recipe for dinner?