Hi Everyone,

My name is Paige. This is about the 1 billionth blog I have started because I really want to be dedicated to writing and blogging, but I always let something stand in my way. But I am hoping this time will be different.

A little about me and what I want this blog to be about: Parenting. This is one of the many mommy blogs out there. I think there is so many of them because Parenting is hard, really hard. I have two children, who I love with all my heart, but they are a handful. They equally drive me to be a better person and drive me to hide in the bedroom with chocolate and wine.

In other areas of my life I am a writer and hopefully soon to be professor. I just recently graduated with my Master’s degree in English with a specialization in composition and rhetoric. Which qualifies me for many low paying, mostly self-contracted jobs. But I love it anyway and plan to go on for my PhD.

I’m a half-assed over achiever. I try to do everything. And I do mean everything. My husband and I have decided to home school our children even though we both are working full-time. But I think we can do it all. It won’t be perfect. It’ll be messy and fail at times. But that is life. So, I’m hoping you join me through this blog to take a peak into my crazy life.

The Family


My wonderful Husband, Tim. Tim and I met in middle school. We were best friends through High school and even shared a locker together. A few years later we reconnected and started dating. We were married June 2011.



My first-born, Tempest lives up to her name. She is a whirlwind. Full of crazy, chaos, and love. She has sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and serious anger issues. She also has a hilarious sense of humor, and wild intellegence. Born November of 2012




My little Koala bear. Alice loves food and swearing. She is a big time daddys-girl. She instigates a lot of the toddler fighting, but plays innocent. She is much more level headed than her sister and likes her alone time. Born June 2014


The Animal Family


I got Nica right out of high school. She is tiny so everyone thinks she is a kitten, but she is my old lady cat. She still doesn’t understand why we have toddlers.



Mostly just refered to as Lue, or Lue Face. He is so loud. He cries non-stop. Lue is the only surviving kitten from one of Nica’s litters. And despite his annoying meowing, he is my kitty baby


Moolinar The Destroyer

Most just called Moo, or Moo cat. This cat was rescued as a tiny kitten and came to join the kitty house. She used to hate me, but now with two toddlers around, I am suddenly her friend. She is our only cat that comes around people, I think this is mostly so she can bite them.


Zombie Fish

We have a fish tank. I can’t keep fish alive to save my life. Except one. I am convinced it is because he is already dead. The undead fish has survived, the great freeze of 2013, the swirling vortex of death, multiple abandonments and algae invasions. He still lives.