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Lucky Number Seven

7 years ago, I married my best friend. This wasn’t a whirlwind romance, it was a slow growth.

Our love started when we first met in middle school in 1996 (that’s right 22 years ago). I didn’t know him except that his friends were my friends. And that I when I first saw him I had an instant schoolgirl crush. A crush that soon would be forgotten as life and school went on. We didn’t see each other much for the next few years. Occasionally would say hi in the hallway as we hurried on the way to classes. Being in different grades, middle school meant that we didn’t have lunch or classes together. And I spent much of my middle school years at my dad’s in my free time.

This would change in high school. By the time both of us were in high school, our lives were much more involved in having a social life and friends. And I found him and me together much more. He and I had our “Study Resource Time” (kind of like homeroom or study hall) together and being the only two in our friend group in the class, we bonded fast. We shared a locker and he quickly became my person. I didn’t sleep well in high school but lying next to him I spent many of our hour and a half long classes napping on his lap. I would tell him all about what was happening with me and pick on him for not telling me what was going on with him.

After I graduated high school we went our separate ways and both had bad relationships that I like to think of as our growing experiences, our own personal seven-year itch. It wouldn’t be too long before I happened to be on an old AOL messenger account and so was he (yes, we are that old). I messaged him, we chatted all night and agreed to meet for coffee.


And that was it. Everything clicked. It was like we never lost connection. We were meant to be.

Since then we’ve dealt with our share of ups and downs. We’ve bought two houses together. Got in countless fights about the little stuff. Had our share of losses. And have brought three wonderful little girls into this world.

I still remember us as those awkward, shy middle schoolers, but I am so much more happy with the people we have grown into and the chance for us to do it together.

Happy 7th wedding anniversary, Tim. Here is to many more


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