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Why you are too hard on yourself

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Stay-at-home-moms are way to hard on ourselves to be “productive”

If you were paying for someone to watch your children, you would not want them working on other businesses and jobs while doing so! If we hire a housekeeper to come in and scrub our bathroom, we do not expect them to wipe our kid’s butt while doing so. But we do expect that of ourselves. We expect that we can play the roles of a daycare provider, housekeeper, chef,  and chauffeur. Many of us have additional roles that we are playing. Teacher, business owner, blogger, accountant.

Whatever your roles are I encourage you to list them out! Check out our checklist below for a huge number of roles that you might be carrying that you might not even know you are doing

Get your Checklist of Roles Here

We do all of these roles, most of the time at the sacrifice of ourselves. But we still think that we aren’t doing enough. We still feel like we need to be doing more in the day.

I’m here to tell you, you are awesome! You are doing a lot! And you should feel good about that!


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