The Benefit of Amazon That I Didn’t Know Existed


Why did no one tell me?

I have had amazon prime for about a million years. But I have just discovered this amazing thing called Prime Sample Boxes. Of course, like any self-respecting mother, the first one I ordered was the Coffee and Tea sample box. So Let’s break it down

Honest Tea

I received two bottles of honest tea. One was unsweetened Peach Ginger Tea and one was Honey Green Tea. I love all teas so it wouldn’t matter much what they sent, but I like that they include a range of sweetened and unsweetened products.

So was it worth the price?

Of course

Let’s break it down

Honest tea #1 $1.50
Honest Tea #2 $1.50
Monster Java $1.50
Illy $2.30
Big Illy $2.50
Gold Peak Coffee #1 $2.30
Gold Peak Coffee #2 $2.30
Total $13.90

So as an average if you bought these drinks individually you would have spent $13.90 on them. I only paid $9.99. I will use all of these products and I would have bought something very similar anyway. So that right there makes it worth it to me.

But wait there is more! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself, I love cheesy infomercials). I get a $9.99 credit towards future purchases of these products (or select others in the same category). I typically don’t have a habit of buying grocery products on Amazon, but I would like to start. Sometimes they can be more expensive, but I always search out the stuff that is the same, or least expensive. This works best if you aren’t dedicated to a brand, packaging, or size of the product. Plus, I save money by not going to the store (Because I have an inability to stick to the list).

So, I spent my $9.99 credit on a 12 pack of honest tea. That means I got 19 drinks for $17.99

For those of you that are mental-math challenged like me, that is $0.94 average. Which is much less than you can buy any of these for. If you are like me and like to try new stuff this is the way to do it.

I also ordered the Household supplies box (and honestly will probably use my credit on toilet paper that I would have ordered anyway) and a beef jerky sample (which was awesome).

Have you tried the amazon samples or sample boxes?

Here are some of the other boxes they have available:


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