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The Birth of Opal Octavia

I started having regular contractions at week 21, so when they started getting stronger and more consistent at week 30, 31, 32 I was expecting baby to be born any time. As week 38, 39, 40 rolled around I was over being pregnant. I was having contractions at least once a day that were 3 minutes apart. I could barely move from my bed, I was tired, sore, emotional. 40 weeks and 3 days, I woke up to a drip of liquid. I wasn’t sure if it was my water or not. It felt similar to when my water broke with Alice. Contractions started back up, strongly. I decided we had to go in.

A few hours later we got up and dressed, and headed to my mom’s to drop off the girls. We spent some time there getting the girls settled in and waiting for the contractions to get closer together or more consistent. They got closer, and more painful, but didn’t become consistent. I started doubting more and more that this was actually labor. or at least imminent labor. My first labor was 42 hours, and I was starting to feel like this was going to be the same. But we started to the hospital anyway. We stopped and got food because I wasn’t sure what my hospital’s policy was on eating (I probably should have found that out).

When we got to the hospital we got settled into the dingy, tiny triage room. Through out the second half of this pregnancy we had been here multiple times. This is when we got the news. I wasn’t dilated at all. My contractions were still inconsistent. Baby wasn’t close to being here yet. They took a bunch of blood and said they would be back shortly with our options, but we needed to think about if we wanted to try induction now (we were schedule for one 6 days later) or if we wanted to go home and probably come back in a few hours or a day when labor progressed.

Turns out we didn’t have to make that decision. Between 2-3 minute contractions, high blood pressure readings, and concerns about going over with Gestational diabetes the doctors told me, we would be staying. We decided to try medication to speed up dilation. But first, we had to slow down the contractions I was having. It seems odd that in order to promote labor that you would actually have to stop contractions, but this was the safest way. So with an iv of fluid and rest we got contractions to slow down. Once medication was given my contractions came back within ten minutes, this time very strong and consistent. When my midwife came back in 4 hours later she was surprised and excited that I was finally dilating. We were at a 5 and contractions were much stronger. We talked pain management and I said I wanted to get up and possibly take a shower.

So we unhooked all the monitoring and got up to walk around. once up I really had to go the the bathroom. So I peed and my midwife started the shower. Contractions really started to hit and I called for Tim to help me off the toilet. Before he could get in there I felt a familiar pop of my water breaking. My midwife suggested we get back to the bed and check again. She called for the nurses to come back and we got half way to the bed. I had another contraction and couldn’t move. My midwife got down to check the heart rate of the baby. I felt the urge to push. I felt baby’s head, but couldn’t manage to speak. Another push and baby was out. And we were lucky my midwife was there to catch her, otherwise she would have ended up on the floor. Moments later the nurse made it in and exclaimed “Oh! We have a baby!” That we had. In less than 5 hours we went from “I don’t think I’m actually in labor” to “Oh! We have a baby!”

Welcome to the world my beautiful baby girl #3, Opal Octavia Knott was born 9:18 pm.


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