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What makes you a good mom?


As many of you know I have been suffering from lots of contractions this pregnancy. So far they are just annoying and not producing labor. But they are very painful and very exhausting. And to try to combat them I have spent a lot of time in bed. Because of this, my girls have been pretty much living off squeezy pouches and easy to grab foods, especially for breakfast.

But today I want to celebrate the little things. It’s easy to feel like a bad mom. I know I have, especially in the last month. It’s easy to pinpoint all the things that we could be doing better and how every misbehavior from our children is our faults. What isn’t so easy is to acknowledge what makes you a good mom. It isn’t easy to remember we are all trying, and the fact that we feel so much guilt and anxiety to be the perfect parent probably means we are fantastic parents.

So, today I would like to celebrate that I got up and made my little girls breakfast, even if it was chocolate chip pancakes and yogurt. I want to celebrate that I vacuumed the floor and my girls got to play “oh no, it’s a monster”. I want to celebrate that I might not be the perfect mom or the mom I want to be, but I am a good mom.

What do you want to celebrate?


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