When Can You Say They Are Potty Trained?

So, I would like to take a second to talk about something only moms find themselves obsessed with, poop. It’s at this point that some of you might want to stop reading, but I suspect you might be like me. From the moment your newborn is born you start frantically worrying about their poop. Do they do it enough? too much? are they having too hard of a time doing it? What exactly does this color mean? With every new milestone also comes changes in babies potty habits.

And then of course you hit potty training. Tempest is extremely stubborn and attempts to potty train her (starting at about 15 months old when she showed interest in the potty seat) mostly ended in screaming and crying and her begging to put on a diaper. So it never seemed right for us to force it. I wasn’t in a hurry.

Honestly, diapers don’t bother me that much. Without diapers she would do ok, until she had to pee, then she would hold it and cry until she couldn’t anymore then she would pee all over the floor. I didn’t want to traumatize her by forcing her to sit on the potty, so we backed off and left her be. At around 3 she still wasn’t potty trained, but she was doing much better. When we were home we would let her run around naked and as long as she didn’t have clothes on, she would go in the potty. But when we went somewhere she had to have a diaper on all the time.

Until last week. A week ago on thursday (the 21st), after 3 days of being home naked and no accidents, we put a diaper on her for gymnastics because she wouldn’t go without one. As soon as we got home the diaper came off and she continued to run naked. This is the last time a diaper has been on her.

The next few days we let her be, then went for the test. We went out to lunch, no diaper. We brought a little travel potty seat and a change of clothes and a towel in case of any messes and went off. She did great; she tried the potty there twice, and got annoyed with mom asking if she had to pee 20 million times.  Later we went over to my in-law’s house for dinner and she continued her streak on no diapers.

Yesterday, it was time for gymnastics again. Until this point, she had been doing good in dresses with no underwear, but for gymnastics she had to wear pants. I, of course, was a nervous wreck the entire time. She was fine.

It’s now been over a week since my baby has had on a diaper, and she has only had 2 accidents that entire time, but I just don’t feel confident to say she is potty trained yet.

But the truth is, I don’t think there is a line. I don’t think we can say with certainty that potty training is done, and potty trained began. It’s slow, sometimes painful, fairly exhausting, but she is also so proud. She is so excited to be a “big kid” and go in the potty chair.

I hope to have this same excitement with Alice (Hopefully soon and not wait until she is 3 1/2) and soon enough we will be done with diapers. And maybe I won’t have to ask tiny humans “Do you have to pee?” every ten minutes.

Snack time while trying out potty chairs

3 thoughts on “When Can You Say They Are Potty Trained?

  1. This is where I do feel lucky that we had the freedom to wait. We would have liked her to do a camp this summer, but she had to be potty trained to do it.

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